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Serve in City Kids

The City Kids team exists to serve children and their families to help them know Jesus and make Jesus known. This is a ministry that is critically important to the children we serve, our church and the community.

Children's ministry is designed at its foundation to be a partnership with parents in the discipleship of their children. Every activity, craft, lesson, snack time, settling time, conversation time and bible teaching time is to intentionally utilised for the spiritual development of each child in our care, with the vision to see them conformed to the image of Jesus.

We are looking for people who have a strong faith in Jesus, are capable of teaching children and live godly and upright lives. As a City Kids leader you will be a significant part of City on a Hill’s mission, and will be held to a high level of expectation regarding your personal godliness, consistency, preparedness and faithfulness.

City on a Hill